The Digital Badge Association is an independent organization that evolved from the evident need to provide traceable and validated accreditation for informal learning.  

The purpose of the Association is to establish an industry-standard in digital credentials, providing guidance, validation, and overall support to an environment of badge issuers and earners.



Every issued badge must include extensive information about the issuer, the person who it is issued to, and the event that originated the badge issuance.

Continuous learning

We are confident that digital badges will be key in building a lifelong learning culture in the world.

Commitment to equality

It should not matter where a person learned a skill or how much they paid for it, as long as they can prove they are proficient in it.

Empowering talent

We trust that electronic badges will help highly skilled people get the opportunities they deserve, thus contributing to closing the skills gap in the workplace.

We believe all education should have a return
on investment (ROI)


Mike Weiss is setting a new standard for how eLearning courses are created. He is committed to helping online course creators create more successful students. As a result, course creators can expand their sales and profits. His methodologies include changing course curriculum design and execution. As CEO of Client Engagement Academy, he brings 30+ years of entrepreneurial experience in finance and digital marketing. He recognized early on that the EdTech industry is broken.

Today, only 3-12% of students complete online courses.  Students end up disappointed.  They feel let-down because they spent money and got little to no results.

Early in the eLearning evolution, Mike co-founded a company that created a high selling course.  The company was successful at selling the course to over 7,000 students, but it bothered him that only 12% of these students completed the course.

Several years later, Mike was successful in his quest to fix this problem. He now sees 40-80% of students taught using his methodologies complete their course(s). He realized most course creators didn’t know how poorly their students were doing. Armed with his prior successes he created Client Engagement Academy. 


Mike is on a mission to turn around the online course industry. Client Engagement Academy turns ordinary online course creators into exceptional educators. They, in turn, make a bigger impact in the world.  Their students get outstanding results, and their sales and profits skyrocket. Many ask why he does this. It’s simple.

His mission is to enrich lives by getting 100,000,000 people to achieve the skills they desire via EdTech platforms.

Client Engagement Academy is his vehicle for doing this. When Mike isn’t blazing new trails in eLearning, he spends time with his soulmate Carolyne and their family.  They are devoted to each other, their spiritual practices and making the world a better place.